Take note-getting app Mem raises $5.6 million from Andreessen Horowitz – TechCrunch

The level of competition for be aware-taking is as intense as it has ever been with a good deal of really-valued efficiency startups fighting for an audience it can most likely serve endless efficiency offshoots. In the earlier year, Notion elevated at a $2 billion valuation, Coda lifted at $636 million, and Roam lifted at $200 million.

A new competitor in the place is rising out of stealth with new funding from Andreessen Horowitz. The free app, referred to as Mem, is an early entry system focused to pushing buyers to swiftly jot down their feelings with no concentrating way too intensely on the fundamental corporation of them. The startup’s founders have huge ambitions for what their platform could become down the road, tapping into even more innovations in equipment finding out and even AR.

“Really the differentiation is [information] that is summonable ubiquitously where ever you are,” Mem co-founder Kevin Moody tells TechCrunch. “So, in the in the vicinity of phrase, by way of your desktop application with Mem Spotlight as a heads-up display screen for anywhere you are, in the medium expression via an assistive cell application, and then in the prolonged expression, picture get in touch with lenses that are overlaying handy content material to you in the environment.”

Moody and his co-founder Dennis Xu explain to TechCrunch they’ve raised $5.6 million in a seed round led by a16z with supplemental participation from their Cultural Management Fund, Will Smith’s dreamers.vc, Floodgate, Unconventional Ventures and Shrug Cash. The round also was host to a handful of angel investors which includes Harry Stebbings, Julia Lipton, Tony Liu, Rahul Vohra and Todd Goldberg, among the other folks.

In its latest iteration, Mem drive customers towards “lightweight organization” rather than clicking through folders and links to uncover the perfect put to nestle their ideas. Customers can quickly tag users or devoted subjects in their notes. The consumer workflow depends fairly seriously on look for and chronological firm, presenting end users with their most not long ago accessed notes. People can also set reminders for particular notes, bringing a well known e-mail framework to take note-having.

For people of stock apps like Apple Notes, these interface quirks may not seem quite jarring, although the layout is even now a departure from applications like Idea and Airtable which have intensely concentrated on framework over immediacy.

Mem Spotlight

Potentially Mem’s largest change is how end users obtain the information they’ve dumped into the system. The founders say they want to avoid their app becoming noticed as a “destination,” as an alternative hoping end users depend closely on a keyboard-shortcut-prompted overlay referred to as Mem Spotlight that makes it possible for them to look for out data that they may well require for an electronic mail, presentation or textual content message. The broader hope of the founders and traders guiding Mem is that the team can leverage the platform’s intelligence more than time to superior have an understanding of the information dump from your mind — and probably other info resources across your digital footprint — to know you much better than any ad network or social media graph does.

“What would it indicate to just capture passively your digital footprint and then make use of that as even though it have been structured,” Moody posits. “If we can actually have our very own Mem modeling of all of these entities, regardless of whether it’s text, or it’s possible it is contacts, the people today that you know, or it is the gatherings that you’re likely to and these different sources feed into Mem, what would it imply for Mem to be equipped to have a products that is the ‘you’ API?”

For now, the startup’s app isn’t fairly as grandiose in scale as what the founders may well see in its long term, but as Mem continues to onboard early end users from its waitlist and add to its desktop features, the corporation is driving toward a system they hope feels additional instrumental to how its users “remember” details.